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Six suggestions for the effective prevention of uterine cancer

Updated: Friday, Aug 08,2014, 3:30:07 PM
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Uterine cancer patients to bring endless pain, therefore the majority of female friends must prevent actively, avoid uterine cancer. The main measures of uterine cancer prevention is to carry out a wide range of inspection, so that early prevention, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment. On the other hand, is to eliminate the induced factors of cancer, take preventive measures, to reduce the incidence of uterine cancer. The specific contents are as follows:

1, to strengthen publicity and education, popularize knowledge of cancer prevention, advocate late marriage, less education, to carry out sexual health education, to avoid the confusion of life, are effective measures to decrease uterine cancer.

2 to 35 years old and above the regular gynecological census. Check out the cervical erosion, menopause, vaginal irregular bleeding, prolonged contact bleeding should be treated, and do cervical cytology smears examination. Some questions should be further examination, early diagnosis, early treatment.

3 positive control associated with uterine cancer, avoid the cervical laceration of childbirth. Have sexual intercourse bleeding, menstrual abnormalities and postmenopausal bleeding, should be timely medical treatment.

4 to maintain the legitimate behavior

Has the very big relations can be said that the occurrence of sexual behavior and uterine cancer, early sex too much will induce uterine cancer, so keep proper behavior, and keep the genitals clean also requires attention to private health sexual partners is a very good method of prevention. Avoid sexual relationship disorder, have a correct attitude to life, health, serious sexual life, avoid disease cross infection caused by lesions.

5 the implementation of late marriage and family planning

Cervical and early marriage, premature birth, fertility has the very big relations, and actively implement the late marriage and late childbearing, birth is an important measure of prevention.

6 injections of vaccine

Human papilloma virus vaccine has been developed successfully, uterine cancer is likely to become the first human malignant tumors through a variety of methods to prevent and eradicate.

The uterus is an important organ of female, uterine cancer is harmful to women, to help patients with uterine cancer prevention, protection of health.

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