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Six kinds of food to help women produce hormones to accelerate the body's metabolism

Updated: Friday, Mar 07,2014, 8:42:10 PM
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Following six super foods, definitely accelerate the body of waste combustion engines.

Dark chocolate

The study found that eating 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate a day can help reduce the stress hormone cortisol, cortisol may slow metabolism, causing fat accumulation.

The researchers suspect that certain compounds in chocolate, such as caffeine and theobromine, may reduce cortisol plays a vital role.

Eating chocolate, to more than 70% cocoa content dark chocolate for the best.


Bowden believes that eggs are the best source of protein on the planet. They include nine kinds of essential amino acids, and has the potential to burn fat because they help build muscle tissue, and muscles need more calories than fat to maintain.

From the start the day two fried eggs, or to try creative avocado baked eggs it. Avocado cut longitudinally, taking half hollowed out, which is then poured into the eggs knocking, then baked for about 10 minutes.


Research shows that sesame seeds contain lignans called phytochemicals, help strengthen the increase fat burning and decomposition of liver enzymes. Meanwhile, a rich source of minerals and sesame or fibers.

Sesame baked until golden brown, sprinkle in salads or stir-fried vegetables, chicken, fish or soup, you can also choose the traditional tahini, smear on bread and other food.

Milk shake

Studies have shown that this substance can trigger satiety hormones, including cholecystokinin. In addition, whey protein also contains amino acids to strengthen the muscles - leucine.

When you lose weight, eat whey protein can help reduce muscle loss, speed up your metabolism.

Yellow bell pepper

Bell peppers are energetic people food, the body can supply enough vitamin C, a vitamin C content is 3.5 times the yellow bell peppers oranges.

According to results of a study, "Nutrition" magazine showed higher levels of vitamin C in the blood of people, less body fat, but also have lower BMI levels.


Peanut is a fiber-rich nuts, help curb calories desire.

One study found that peanut can induce intense heat reaction, which means that in its digestive process, the body is actually also burn calories. Do not need to exercise, just a daily intake of 500 calories of peanuts, after 19 consecutive weeks, the metabolic rate can be increased by 11%.

Note that, peanuts can not eat too much, because the peanut is also a high-calorie foods.

Accelerate metabolism, learn water to act as an appetizer

Drinking two glasses of water before breakfast, can act as a 0-calorie appetizers.

A University of Virginia study shows that people who drink water before meals than people who do not drink, meal consumed 75 fewer calories. Author of the study, Dr. Brenda M. Davy, said: "The pre-dinner drink, you can fill your stomach feel hungry."

Another study found that water can promote metabolism, drink 8-12 glasses of water every day people, than those who drink less than 4 cups, there is a higher metabolic rate.

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