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Six kinds of food that women should eat to prevent aging

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 02,2015, 5:15:16 PM
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Beauty is every woman's nature, because now the rhythm of life accelerated, women's pressure is also growing, not only prone to a lot of health problems, but also prone to aging, and therefore pay attention to health, but also to pay attention to prevent aging, in fact, it is not very difficult to do this, you can use the food conditioning, the female friends to introduce several anti aging food, good physical and mental health.

1, Coffee: you're not wrong is Coffee, will you feel the menopause is not suitable for drinking something these effects of sleep. However, if you are interested to fade and distress, try the Coffee aphrodisiac effect. Course coffee in improving people's attention, eliminate the tension, the prevention of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, the role can not be ignored. But generally speaking, a day to drink 3 cups is appropriate.

2, oatmeal: oat grains contains almost required for the body of the all powerful nutrients, such as plant protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, dietary fiber, minerals and iron, zinc and other trace elements, it can be for your bones and teeth of calcium, and make you all day full of spirit. In foreign countries, oatmeal is known as the most favored by women's health food.

3, peanut butter: peanut butter rich in vitamin E, so it is a powerful antioxidant function can not be ignored, often eat can help women resist the invasion of the years. Efficacy of peanut butter is not limited to this, the latest medical research shows that, peanut butter and other nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts together edible can enable women greatly reduce the risk of the risk of diabetes mellitus (type 2).

4 eggs: this almost every day to eat things, have never thought unexpectedly is anti-aging? Every morning to eat a boiled egg can greatly reduce the risk of breast cancer patients, why not? Black gruel and rye bread should also be a breakfast women preferred in addition to breast care, also has the efficacy of prevention of constipation, weight loss.

5, honey: honey is the best of the human body cells to defend the body, because it contains a wealth of antioxidants and can protect the material, this material is good for the purification of blood, but also to prevent cardiovascular system diseases.

6, oranges: an orange can body to provide 75 mg of vitamin C, if you can guarantee a day to eat 1-2 oranges, it will be able to fully meet the body of vitamin C daily requirements, which is known to enhance the body's immune system and resist disease of the lotus, the role is not less than cold medicine. In addition, its role in the maintenance of the skin is not to be ignored.

These ingredients are everywhere, in the usual busy can spare some time at home to enjoy the food, healthy nutrition and anti-aging, is really kill two birds with one stone, so for their own health and beauty, be sure to pay attention to diet conditioning.

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