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Prevention of uterine cancer attention to ten major taboo

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 07,2015, 3:40:50 PM
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Chocolate, cake, a cup of pudding, cheese, these are female preference for sweets, but experts say that excessive consumption of sweets on the uterus, although there is no direct harm, but there are also indirect bad influence. So, eat sweets can lead to uterine cancer?

"Theory of traditional Chinese medicine said sweets is paste food delicious, overeating later generations to phlegm accumulation, Chong and Ren disorders, if women will affect ovarian, causing anovulation, endocrine disorders, thus affecting the uterine." Experts say.

Medical research has found that women who regularly eat cookies, bread or cakes will increase the risk of developing a cancer. Women who ate 2 to 3 times a week for a sweet tooth, compared with those who seldom ate sweet, increased the risk of uterine cancer by 33%. Such as eating sweets more than three times a week, the risk of uterine cancer increased by 42%.

So, far from the first to pay attention to the diet of uterine cancer, do not eat anything, to get some of the taboo of uterine cancer:

1, afraid of multiple pregnancy. According to the survey, more than 3 times, the probability of the disease and the possibility of the occurrence of the disease increased significantly.

2, afraid of repeated artificial abortion. If repeated operation, especially in the short period of repeated, the uterus is very big, it is the important factor to cause the injury, disease and even bad.

3, fear of private abortion. The serious consequences of this is that the uterus is damaged or the secondary infection is very much.

4, afraid of neglect of prenatal examination. Neglect of prenatal examination, can not be found in pregnant women and fetal abnormalities, will lead to difficult birth or even the serious consequences of the uterus rupture.

5, if teratogenic, multiple births. The twins and multiple births prone to giving birth, thereby endangering the safety uterine during pregnancy, so it pay attention to check and found the monster, multiple births, should take effective measures.

6, fear of abuse of medicine. This is dangerous, but it can lead to a rupture of the uterus.

7, if not normal. A few backward areas still take the old midwife, a serious threat to maternal and fetal safety.

8, fear of pregnancy after sexual life. Should prohibit sex life before two pregnant and parturient month early, otherwise cause abortion or premature delivery, causing damage to the uterus.

9, fear of sexual life is not clean. Sexual life is not about health, the pathogen can enter the uterine cavity by the vagina, causing endometrial infection. In addition, the human foreskin scale on cervical stimulation is one of the factors causing uterine cancer.

10, fear of sexual life disorder. If women's sexual life, or not adult life, will be on their physical and mental health, and may lead to cervical erosion and cervical cancer and other diseases.

How to prevent uterine cancer:

1, a gynecological benign disease, it is best not to use radiotherapy, so as not to induce tumor.

2 women over the age of 30, to a regular hospital for examination, the general situation should be checked once a year. For women with a family history of uterine cancer, regular examinations are important to prevent uterine cancer.

3, strictly control the use of estrogen, menopause women use estrogen replacement therapy, should be used under the guidance of doctors, at the same time, the application of progesterone in the endometrium.

4, the promotion of reasonable sex life, not too frequent. This will not only help the family's harmony, the relationship between husband and wife, but also conducive to the health of both sides of the couple. In sexual life, we must pay attention to health, reduce the adverse factors on the cervical stimulation.

5, after cure or recurrence of uterine cancer patients, we should pay attention to the prevention of influenza, cold, fatigue, predisposing factors, in order to reduce the recurrence. Currently there is no specific uterine cancer prevention method, animal experiments show that HSV inoculation dead vaccine or attenuated live vaccine, all have immune effect, so the virus and certain cancer closely related, reason does not make routine preventive use.

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