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Ovarian function is bad can affect pregnant?

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 20,2016, 3:15:09 PM
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Because the development of the ovary is from the embryonic period, it is a "congenital" problem, so there is no particularly effective way to reverse the ovarian function. But by traditional Chinese medicine, food and exercise and other methods to regulate ovarian function.

However, the ovarian function is not good, does not mean that there is no chance of pregnancy, pregnancy rate is lower than the same age with the same age. Ovarian function itself has volatility, through conditioning, adhere to the test every month, may be able to find a relatively good ovarian function, can be under the guidance of a doctor to try to be pregnant month. But it is not easy to adhere to the monitoring, the need for perseverance and perseverance.

In addition, the following describes some of the methods of prevention and care of ovarian infertility:

1, reduce the chance of passive smoking.

2, strengthen physical exercise. Yoga, swimming and walking is considered to be the release of the physical and mental stress, maintenance of ovary and an important way to increase bone density.

3, reduce the intake of salt, alcohol and coffee, reduce the possibility of osteoporosis.

4, according to the maximum intake of half a day to supplement vitamin E capsules. Clinical proof vitamin E not only has the function of strengthening the function of ovary, but also has the effect of anti cell oxidation, anti cell lipid peroxidation, and ultimately has the effect of anti aging.

5, usually eat food containing lots of plant estrogen, such as beans, lentils, Cereals, wheat, rice, sunflower seeds, onion and so on. Using soy beans, red beans, black beans every day dozen soya bean milk to drink, is very safe supplement plant estrogen way, can be long-term consumption.

6, the choice of fresh milk or menopause special milk powder, to prevent osteoporosis due to decreased ovarian function.

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