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Ovarian cancer patients can eat more vegetables

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 22,2015, 3:54:22 PM
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Ovarian cancer can eat what? Patients will choose to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, add a variety of vitamins and proteins. The study found that patients with ovarian cancer if they improve their eating habits, eat more vegetables, but also prolong the survival period.

Ovarian cancer patients can eat more vegetables

Vegetables have a lot to do with our bodies, and it's a lot more for ovarian cancer patients. Here comes the vegetables. Specific types include cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower, cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage, cabbage, etc.; or is rich in vitamin E, natural food, such as soybean, cabbage and so on. Long term consumption of these vegetables in ovarian cancer patients longer survival time, but eat vitamin pills but no such effect. At the same time, the study points out that patients who have the most dairy products after the disease are more likely to die than those who ate at least three.

Ovarian cancer is found early, but on the contrary, this kind of gynecological cancer is difficult to be found, only about one-quarter of patients is was found early. Therefore, it is very important to find effective assistant treatment. Already diagnosed with ovarian cancer patients if improve eating habits, eat more vegetables, will also prolong the survival period.

Eat vegetables also have skills

Eating vegetables, although small, but also master a lot of skills. Do you know how many vegetables should be eaten every day? According to the China Nutrition Society recommended, every day should eat more than 300 grams of vegetables, to 300-500 grams is good. The average person may not be too clear how much 300 grams of vegetables, but in general, as long as the usual eat a dish, it is enough to have 300 grams of vegetables.

Like other foods, eat vegetables also pay attention to the way. Because the health of vegetables if you eat the wrong way, it may cause cancer. This is because vegetables contain natural compounds nitrate and the concentration is higher, when nitrate and other foods rich in amine, may produce nitrite. Nitrite as a food additive is often used in the color of the meat, after entering the body, it is possible to convert to the nitrite, which is a strong carcinogen. In particular, spinach, radish, cabbage and other nitrate content of vegetables, even if not to eat with other food, it is easy to convert into the role of bacteria in the mouth to nitrite.

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