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Only by Nourishing the Heart Can Women Maintain Beauty

Updated: Tuesday, Jan 29,2013, 7:52:12 PM
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Regarding beautifying, some women are apt to use some external cosmetics, while some are prone to have some foods to maintain beauty. However, it is not enough because nourishing heart plays a vital role in beautifying. Hence how to nourish the heart? 

How to nourish the heart?  

Everybody who has touched TCM is aware of that resting to attain mental tranquility sets the first step in nourishing heart. Nowadays, the problems such as high pressure of life, nerve-racking are common to the all society. Meanwhile, attaining mental tranquility means we shouldn't do harm on mental tranquility, which is nothing more than brain-work and mental pressure. Dietitians indicate that keeping heart healthy links closely to the diet in the daily life.

Beneficial Food


Compared with the most of meats, the flesh of fish is lower in fat and saturated fatty acids which are capable to increase helpful cholesterol in human body, thus, reduce harmful cholesterol.

Beans contain essential Amino Acid and unsaturated fatty acid, which are able to promote the metabolism of internal fat and cholesterol, and keep cardiovascular unobstructed.

Black Sesame
Black sesame contains plentiful Vitamin E that has a huge impact on keeping the elasticity of vascular wall. In addition, black sesame is rich in Linolenic Acid that illustrates the different roles such as lowering blood pressure, preventing the form of thrombus.

Carrot and Spinach
Spinach contains abundant Folic Acid. Studies suggest that taking Folic Acid can help to reduce 25% risk of heart disease, while carotene in the carrots can be transferred into Vitamin A that can keep blood vessel unblocked.

Green Tea
Green tea is full of nutrient component, and specifically what I mean is TP(tea polyphenol). Studies show that TP(tea polyphenol) can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood that have good effect on human body, like preventing arteriosclerosis, reducing blood pressure and blood fat, and preventing and curing t

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