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Nursing after cervical cone cutting

Updated: Monday, Jan 11,2016, 1:47:05 PM
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First, after the cervical cone cut operation nursing

1, prevention of infection

Cervical cone cut into operation, postoperative cervical part of a wound, as with many other operations, postoperative infection may occur, therefore, to prevent the occurrence of infection is imperative. Appropriate use of antibiotics is required.

2, vigilance bleeding

Doctors worry free network reminder, within three weeks after the operation, especially within a week, there may be vaginal bleeding. And generally, surgery after two or three weeks, the vagina will be a large amount of discharge, liquid discharge can be pink, sometimes have a small amount of vaginal bleeding, which is a normal phenomenon, if haemorrhage amount is less than the amount of menstruation, bed rest, reasonable application of hemostatic drugs; no matter when, if the amount of vaginal bleeding is more than the amount of menstruation, especially when accompanied by a blood clot should promptly to your surgery hospital to find your surgeon, not timely treatment may bleeding may occur, and even hemorrhagic shock, serious when even endanger the life.

3, keep the vulva clean

After the operation, the vaginal discharge is more, keep the vulva clean can not be ignored. But after the first two or three weeks does not advocate vaginal douching and bath, because not only easily lead to wound infection, but also facing increased risk of bleeding. During hospitalization may be appropriate perineal scrub, outside the hospital can keep the vulva dry, can be appropriate to use toilet paper to wipe the liquid discharge. Can take a shower, but the time must not be too long, otherwise, the risk of bleeding cervical bleeding.

4, the first menstruation after surgery

Despite the high incidence of cervical conization is likely to occur cervical adhesions, if expected during the menstrual vaginal bleeding, poor, but obvious abdominal pain, suggesting that there might have been a cervical adhesions should find your doctor.

5, diet should be light

Eat more fruits and vegetables and light food.

6, pay attention to the key period of health care

Because many women are very susceptible to infection of the disease, so be sure to pay attention to health care, especially during menstruation, pregnancy and postpartum.

7, daily life

Normal work and rest time of cervical erosion treatment also have a great relationship, especially a lot of women in finish after abortion, medical abortion or miscarriage, with particular attention to rest in bed, do physical activity, can not stay up all night, to ensure a good night's sleep and maintain a pleasant mood.

8, other

Such as after the appropriate application of hemostatic drugs 2-3 days; should rest for 2-3 weeks after operation. No 2 months of life; conization organization attention sent for pathological examination, pay attention to take the pathological findings of referral; postoperative vaginal packing gauze. After 24 hours should be promptly removed. A month after menstruation is clean back door in the diagnosis of complex check. According to the doctor's orders to regular follow-up.

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