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How to prevention of fungal infections vaginitis

Updated: Friday, Mar 28,2014, 9:26:03 PM
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1 , to give up the abuse of antibiotics

Cough, fever , headache, eat antibiotics ? As everyone knows , antibiotics may inhibit some beneficial bacteria , mold will take advantage of the large population . Therefore , the use of antibiotics should be cautious .

2 , clean underwear alone

Mold can thrive on the skin surface , gastrointestinal tract, nails and other places . If a family member or they are suffering from tinea pedis, onychomycosis , fungal likely to cause cross-infection . Therefore, the underwear must be washed separately , oh.

3 , avoid excessive cleaning

Frequent use of acidic gynecological clean disinfectant, disinfectant pads so easy to create a breeding ground for mold and wet acidic environment . Weak base recipe gynecological care cleaning products more suitable for routine cleaning and maintenance.

4 , nursing attention during pregnancy

Sex hormone levels during pregnancy , vaginal acidity will increase glycogen and vulnerable to fungal attack . For pregnant women, should not use oral drugs, and should be selected for local prevention and adjuvant treatment.

5 , wary washing machine

Almost every laundry bins are hidden mold ! And the washing machine with more ground more , mold ! But do not worry , washing machine mold to deal with a hundred test accurate killer: about 60 ℃ hot water washing laundry tub OK!

6, attention to hygiene in public places

Public may hide a lot of mold. Away from home , do not use the hotel bathtub , to wear long pajamas , toilet paper , etc. before using the toilet mat . Meanwhile selection of appropriate personal care and cleaning products.

7 , right contraception

Contraceptive estrogen can promote fungal attack role. If recurrent fungal vaginitis, try not to use drugs contraception.

8 , Couples Tongzhi

If you are infected with fungal vaginitis, not only are you in need of treatment , as well as your him , this will have the desired effect .

9 , wearing cotton underwear

Tight synthetic underwear causes vaginal temperature and humidity increased, which mold applauded the " live " environment ! Or choose cotton underwear now !

10 , control of blood glucose , alkaline cleaning products vulva

Women with diabetes vaginal glycogen content and high acidity , easy to mold infringement . So, while in the control of blood glucose , but also pay attention to cleaning the vulva, slightly alkaline pH value selected products .

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