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How to prevent the lactation mastitis?

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 20,2016, 3:12:34 PM
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After giving birth, not only nutrition to keep up, but also take care of breast, it is very easy to suffer from mastitis in lactation. The women how to prevent mastitis?

How to prevent prenatal mastitis

1 in late pregnancy using 75% alcohol wipe the nipple, or wash with warm water, in order to enhance the breast skin flexibility and resistance. Grease plug in milk tube.

2 nipple retraction, before pregnancy with the hand out of the nipple, massage traction to correct the.

How to prevent postpartum mastitis

1, breast-feeding before and after washing with warm water

According to the periodic time of lactation, and should not be when wind topless fed milk, if breast - feeding and starts a week have nipple cracking phenomenon, should be timely treatment.

2, the milk should be emptied after each lactation

As a product of persistent Ruyu, can be in hot hand out, or to suck milk suction net; do not let the baby milk and sleep, should pay attention to the oral health of newborns. If the baby has constipation, halitosis, mother said eating too hot up too, diet should be amended.

3, adequate sleep and rest is very important

At night in the morning to 10 peaks of the secretion of prolactin, in this period of time with the rest of the quality and taste, in order to have an adequate supply of milk.

4, adequate nutrition

But if eating too much fat sweet food, or eat too hot, will enable the excessiveness of stomach fire, the baby easy to have skin irritation, rash symptoms; mother should eat light and full of nutritious food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, towel gourd, cucumber, fresh lotus root, oranges and other.

5, maintain a good mood, avoid excessive tension

Breastfeeding can listen to some relaxing music or watch the joy of children's programs, not when the bow family, play a game in hand, or watch the exciting, imputed to the screen of the TV program.

6, before weaning should gradually reduce the number of lactation, not suddenly weaned

Can be oral their milk, and for a week to eat malt, hawthorn, orange nucleus, gizzard membrane, leeks and other food to help milk; if not expansion will not be milking; fever phenomenon, should seek medical treatment immediately.

7, to ensure the correct feeding posture

To ensure that breastfeeding is correct and the right way to suck the baby. Do not let your baby only reach the nipple and cause chapped nipple, so that bacteria along chapped nipple into breast tube caused by acute mastitis.

8, feeding on both sides of the alternative

Lactation must let the baby eat empty one breast eat the other side, not on both sides of the breast are alternately to eat, to prevent the baby a long time to eat milk causes the milk siltation caused by acute mastitis. If the mother's milk is adequate, baby eating only one full, the other side is expanding, it must give the expansion side of the breast milk squeezed out, do not remain in the breast, to prevent formation of induration caused by acute mastitis. At the same time to develop the habit of feeding time, do not let the baby with the nipple to sleep.

9, do not lie prone to sleep

To sleep and lie on the back side of the sleep alternately, taboo mother lying on the bed. In order to prevent extrusion caused by breast milk siltation caused by acute mastitis.

10, not wearing a bra with

Mother's milk will often inadvertently outflow, and because breast milk filling caused by sagging breasts, this new mothers do not wear with steel support bra, it is best to wear special nursing bra, in case with

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