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Four tea time is not suitable for women

Updated: Saturday, May 14,2011, 3:51:09 PM
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Tea has health care function to human body if drinking time is chosen properly. It will do harm to health if drinking tea in improper time. Especially for female, there are certain stresses in drinking tea. The following four tea time is not suitable for women.

 1. During the menstruation

Since the menstruation consumes away a lot of iron in body, so female should replenish more iron-rich vegetable and fruits during menstruation, such as spinach, grape, or apple and so on. But if female gets used to drinking tea after meal, as high as 50% tannic acid contained in tea leaf will hamper our intestines mucosa from absorbing iron, and then greatly decrease the degree that the iron to be absorbed.

 2. pregnant woman.
 The density of caffeine contained in general strong tea is as high as 10%, which will increase urine, heart rate and frequency for the pregnant woman, and then strengthen the capacity in heart and kidney of the pregnant women. What’s more, it may lead to gestosis. So it is better for pregnant woman to drink litter tea.

Caffeine in the tea has exciting function to cause insomnia if the pregnant woman drinks too much strong tea before giving birth. If the pregnant woman doesn’t sleep sufficiently before giving birth, she may be exhausted during parturition or even dystocia.

 3. Lying-in women who want to feed their children with milk should avoid drinking too much tea after giving birth.
    If the lying-women drink too much tea during the period, high concentration tannic acid contained in the tea will be absorbed by mucosa, which will further impacts blood circulation of mammary to restrain milk and cause milk hyposecretion. After the mother drinks the tea, caffeine in the tea may seep into milk and impact the infant indirectly. It is unhelpful to the infant’s health.

4. Female undergoing menopause
Female undergoing menopause sometimes have the phenomenon of strong beating of the heart, bad temper and poor quality of sleep, except dizzy giddy and whole body fatigue. And too much tea would aggravate these symptoms. So those who like drinking tea should stop where it should stop, or they will damage their bodies if they are undergoing these special stages.

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