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Female genital dysplasia

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 08,2009, 5:10:52 PM
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Female genital abnormalities. Congenital absence of vagina: Congenital absence of vagina in a normal female karyotype, body growth and development of female secondary sexual characteristics normal, normal vulva, vaginal loss, uterine development (only two-angle residues), tubal small, ovarian development and function of Normal often characterized by Rokitansky-Kustner-Hauser syndrome as follows:

1, ovarian hypoplasia ovarian hypoplasia with primary multi-sex chromosome aberrations occurred in women, in order to 45K of the most common, are bilateral nature. Ovary slender, pale white, quality hardware, showed cord-like, accompanied by other abnormalities. May have one ovary hypoplasia, often accompanied by ipsilateral fallopian tube, or even absence of the kidney may also occur in a single ipsilateral uterine horn.

2, ovarian ectopic ovary in the developing blocked, still at the embryonic period, but have not dropped to the pelvic position, location, location that is higher than the normal ovary, such as those located near the lower pole of the kidney, or in the retroperitoneal space within the organization, often accompanied by a Ovarian dysplasia. Such as the decline in excessive, can be located within the inguinal hernia sac. All ectopic ovarian tumors have a tendency to occur and should be removed.

3, excess ovarian third ovary; In addition to bilateral ovarian ovarian outside the third person is extremely rare, it may be far from normal ovaries, and nearby pelvic funnel ligament, uterine ovarian ligament or the broad ligament are not connected. Crest in the embryonic period may be a kidney abnormalities occurred in a third ovary that is separated from this with the normal primordia. Often accompanied by cystic teratomas or mucinous cystadenomas, and occasionally found in third of ovarian or vice ovary, should be the same as with ectopic ovarian tissue, allegorical removed. Vice ovary: In the vicinity of the excess normal ovaries ovarian tissue, known as Deputy ovary.

Fallopian tube dysplasia

1, bilateral tubal lack of business as usual with the absence of the uterus, uterine and other types of relic concurrent uterine malformations.

Second, as usual, lack of unilateral fallopian tube associated with ipsilateral absence of the uterus.

3, the Deputy tubal unilateral or bilateral, is more common in the fallopian tube dysplasia kind. That in the normal fallopian tube near a small tube, can have the umbrella Department of proximal tubal lumen with the lumen with the main similarities, but may also be blocked. Vice-tube mouth or rare dual-chamber of the fallopian tubes, may be abnormal variations. These abnormalities may be induced infertility factors or ectopic pregnancy. And should be removed, repair, reconstruction.

4, oviduct hypoplasia oviduct malformation, closed trifling deformities, congenital or fimbria closed completely with a fibrous cord to connect to an extension of the uterus. Such abnormalities often lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy, and difficult to surgically repair and reconstruction.

5, the central segment of fallopian tube-like lack of a similar state of tubal sterilization surgery, missing Segment microscope showed fibromuscular. Such as the coexistence of uterine abnormalities, the pregnancy must drastically reduced, and these tube forming operation, postoperative prone to ectopic pregnancy.

6, tubal shortened, curled or showed a cyst marsupialization of such defects common to their mothers took DES during pregnancy have a history of persons.

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