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Early cervical cancer should be how to treat?

Updated: Monday, Jan 11,2016, 1:43:18 PM
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The treatment of cervical cancer is very important, early treatment is the key. But in order to treat early, but also depends on the early detection of cervical cancer. In general, the early symptoms of cervical cancer is more obvious, once the body has any discomfort, should be treated as soon as possible. So, how to treat cervical cancer early? Here for a detailed introduction to it.

(1) radiation therapy, radiation therapy is an effective treatment for cervical cancer, the therapy generally take with internal and external irradiation combined with, illuminate the main for primary cervical lesion and its adjacent area, including uterine body, the upper part of the vagina and adjacent to the palace next to the organization ("a"). External irradiation is mainly aimed at the pelvic lymph node distribution region ("B") point. Internal radiation source using the cavity radium (Ra) or 137 cesium (137Cs), mainly for the primary cervical lesions. External radioactive source with 60 diamonds (60Co), mainly for the primary lesions of the metastatic lesions, including the pelvic lymph node drainage area. The dose is generally 60Gy, at present, the early stage of cervical cancer more than the first internal exposure. In the late stage of cancer, especially the local tumor is huge, active bleeding, or accompanied by infection is the first external irradiation.

(2) surgical treatment: the surgical treatment of cervical cancer has become the most effective way to treat cervical cancer, the main use of extensive hysterectomy and pelvic lymph node elimination. Resection scope includes hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo, next to the upper vagina and vaginal tissue and pelvic in lymph node (paracervical ilio obturator internal iliac and external iliac total lymph node). Operation requires thorough, safe, strict indications, prevent complications. Early how to treat cervical cancer? Simple surgery is not enough, in order to prevent the recurrence of the emergence of drug treatment is also must be carried out at the same time, mainly to take or Chinese medicine, this method has significant efficacy, safety, non-toxic side effects.

Early how to treat cervical cancer? The above has been a detailed introduction to the. The risk of cervical cancer is very large, only to achieve early detection and early treatment, the mortality rate can be reduced to a minimum.

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