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Diet therapy of endometrial cancer

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 09,2010, 3:09:15 PM
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The Dietetic therapy for endometrial cancer

Today, we have taken for cancer surgery and chemotherapy methods Why there is no real cure for endometrial cancer, to alleviate the suffering of patients, it was not the ultimate recovery is the real reason is the acidification of body fluid, body fluid acid does not change is not cancer Will be killed, because this is done after surgery and chemotherapy for cancer recurrence and re-transfer. To improve the treatment of cancer will have its own constitution from the beginning, from the source of cancer cells starve to death. Eat alkaline food, to improve their own acor body constitution. At the same time, the body must add organic nutrients in order to starve to death in cancer cells, to restore their immunity.

1. Strong acidic foods: egg yolk, cheese, sugar, or so the West Point persimmon, mullet roe, Chai Yu, and so on.
 2. Midst acidic foods: ham, bacon, chicken, tuna, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat, butter, horse, and so on.
3. Weak food: rice, groundnut, beer, wine, fried tofu, seaweed, clams, octopus, and loach.
4. Weak basic foods: beans, carrots, apples, cabbage, onion, bean curd and so on.
5. Midst basic food: dry turnip beans, garden radish tomatoes, bananas, oranges, Fanmelon strawberries, eggs albumen; dry plum, Citrus limon spinach.
6.strong basic food: Qiama old, grape, tea leaves, Laminaria japonica, kelp, lemon, etc.

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