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Condoms can prevent cervical cancer

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 22,2015, 3:46:28 PM
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Several common methods to prevent cervical cancer

1, strengthen publicity and education, popularization of knowledge of tumor through all levels of medical prevention agencies, to carry out various forms of publicity and education, popularize knowledge of cervical cancer, school-age women to take an active part in cancer screening, found symptoms seek medical treatment as soon as possible. At the same time to remove the fear of cancer, to fight against cancer confidence. To improve the medical personnel to the early cervical cancer alert and awareness level; strengthen the responsibility, to avoid missed diagnosis, misdiagnosis and delayed treatment of patients.

2, active treatment of chronic cervicitis. A large number of clinical evidence, cervical erosion and cervical cancer may be related to the occurrence of cervical cancer, according to the census statistics, there are cervical erosion of women, the incidence of cervical cancer than those without cervical erosion 5 ~ 10 times. Can reduce the occurrence of cervical cancer in the treatment of chronic cervicitis.

3, do a good job of cervical cancer prevention need to strengthen perinatal health care, promote new delivery method, correctly handling dystocia, prevent cervical laceration. Delivery time after operation of vaginal examination, cervical laceration found more than 1cm, should be timely repair.

4, excision is too long of the penis foreskin. On the penis foreskin over the elderly, should be advised to cut, not only to prevent penile cancer, and can reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. Advocate for neonatal circumcision. Prevention of cervical cancer seriously implement family planning measures to promote school age marriage, scientific contraception, family planning and attention to sexual organs and sexual life, health, to promote women's health, prevention of cervical cancer, it has a certain significance.

5, the best cervical cancer prevention is adhere to the development of cervical cancer screening and treatment work to establish and perfect the anti-cancer organizations at all levels, the unified leadership, regular, extensive and in-depth development of cervical cancer census. Department of gynaecology clinic at all levels of the hospital for women over 30 years of age, the routine for cervical scraping cytology, can be found no obvious symptoms of early cervical cancer.

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