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Comprehensive understanding of barriers to female ovulation

Updated: Saturday, Aug 07,2010, 5:33:02 PM
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Each mature female ovulation is a necessary step, only the ovulation, the egg and sperm possible, so as to nurture life. Some people say that the woman not the mother have not done a complete woman, see birth of life on how important it is for every woman, however, if women suffering from anovulation how to do? Today we obstacle for ovulation to be a detailed Q & A . Friends who want to help women understand anovulation.

Ovulatory how the matter?

Ovulatory follicle is not that mature or mature not self-discharge. Healthy women after puberty, hypothalamus, pituitary and ovarian reproductive hormone secretion appears to cyclical fluctuations, the corresponding ovarian follicular development and cyclical endometrial changes were also present, and menstrual cramps and ovarian cyclical regularity appears Ovulation is a sign of mature female reproductive function. Hypothalamus, pituitary, ovarian failure of any one link may lead to ovulatory dysfunction, clinical found in a variety of diseases, such as dysfunctional uterine bleeding (that is, we are commonly referred to as dysfunctional uterine bleeding), polycystic ovary syndrome, Ovarian dysplasia, premature ovarian failure, endometriosis, severe malnutrition, anemia.

What causes the ovulation disorders in women?

Leading causes of ovulation disorders, divided into three categories:

1) of the hypothalamus, pituitary and ovarian axis dysfunction caused by ovulation disorders: If parts of the hypothalamus with cancer, or suffered injury, most patients characterized by obesity, irregular menstruation, and even menopause, internal and external genital hypoplasia or atrophy, a direct affect ovarian ovulation. Postpartum hemorrhage can lead to anterior pituitary blood circulation disorder, patients with irregular menstrual Changbiaoxianwei, and even menopause, ovarian loss of ovarian function, body weight loss and other symptoms.

2) ovarian dysfunction leading to ovarian anovulation: a common disease affecting ovarian function: Turner, polycystic ovary syndrome, affect the endocrine function of ovarian tumors, and some malignant tumors, destroy the organizational structure of the normal ovarian This is bound to affect women's ovulation.

3) other diseases not caused by ovulation: In addition to the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovarian disease, the clinical hypothyroidism there repeatedly abortion, tuberculosis, anemia, liver disease, etc., can lead to amenorrhea and anovulation.

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