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Chinese medicine treatment of pubic lice disease

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 18,2009, 2:19:41 PM
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Traditional Chinese medicine treatment:

1. Humid bet type: Conjoint dirty, lice infected with insects, insect poison bet hot and humid overcast device. Main symptoms of pre-vaginal, anal around the ventral medial thigh and the inter-office gross itching, when see the pea University and the ashes of a finger, or the light cyan color spots, scratches excitement, blood callus formation, rather then scratch the skin while erosion , mouth pain, dry mouth, yellow urine, red tongue, yellow greasy moss, pulse a few strings.

Expelling dampness heat, insecticidal itching.

Side with Long Dan Xie Gan subtraction:

Gentian, gardenia, Huang Qin, Bupleurum, habitat, Plantago, Sophora flavescens, Alisma, Angelica, wood-pass, 100, Cnidium the 10g, licorice 5g.

2. Blood Deficiency wind type:

Lice poison Haoshang blood, skin loss of wing, blood deficiency wind. Main symptoms of pre-yin, around the anus, groin, and hair inside the Inter-Agency itching, genital dry, local thickening of the skin white, can be seen as big as peanuts, soybeans and green like a small gray patches, mental fatigue, emaciation, night Mei anxiety, heart palpitations fatigue, pale tongue, thin fur, pulse valuables.

Expelling Yangxue Runzao, Qufeng insecticide.

Fang Yin Zi with Angelica subtraction:

Angelica, Rehmannia, Shouwu, Tribulus terrestris the 15g, Chuan Xiong, Radix Paeoniae Alba, habitat, wind, Nepeta, Astragalus each 10g, licorice 5g.

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