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Cervical erosion is men's fault?

Updated: Thursday, Oct 22,2009, 2:21:43 PM
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Statistics from the clinical perspective, the age of 17 years old to 23 years old accounted for 78.8% of patients, of which the incidence of cervical erosion as high as 90%.

Incidence of cervical erosion of common groups of the original 35-year-old to 50-year-old women, and now the phenomenon of a younger age could be so serious, young women should be given adequate attention.

"Because cervical nerves are visceral nervous system, so patients are not sensitive to pain, so the surface of cervical erosion is very serious and will not cause even in patients with severe symptoms, which can easily cover up the disease and enable patients to relax vigilance." A new era of gynecological specialist says.

Once patients with pain, "the infection has spread." The moderate and severe cervical erosion were already clearly the medical profession considered to be "pre-cancerous lesions."

For women suffering from cervical erosion phenomenon of serious reasons:

1, female reproductive system is fully mature at 24 years old to 26-year-old, and now many women's sex lives prematurely.

Second, if a female is frequent replacement of sexual partners, makes the body to accept a variety of "antigens" to stimulate, the body immune system disorders.

Meanwhile, the women repeated abortion and mycoplasma, chlamydia infections are considered in the traditional sense, is a woman suffering from cervical erosion, "the first killer." From the clinical perspective, "the first killer" more direct incentive for it is because males.

The male reproductive system is not thoroughly cleaned, easy to bacteria into the female body, and then against women, "normal women, 20% to 30% of its body in there with chlamydia, but would not constitute a infection, but once the men will be bacteria into, it can very easily lead to more frequent in women. "

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