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Cervical cancer treatment method

Updated: Monday, Jan 11,2016, 1:47:52 PM
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1, surgery for the treatment of uterine cervical cancer: surgery for early cancer patients can receive treatment method, and belongs to the method for removal of cancerous tissue more effective generally include hysterectomy, cervical cone excision method and so on, the specific mode of operation varies from person to person.

2, drugs for the treatment of uterine cervical cancer: Patients after surgery need to take some anti-inflammatory anti infective drugs, and also need to prevent the worsening of cancer, can take the classes of anticancer drugs, and for patients with poor nutrition situation also need to add vitamins and other.

3, radiation therapy for cervical cancer: the method is suitable for patients with advanced cancer, and if it is found that there are cancer cells, it may also consider the treatment of the method.

4, chemotherapy in the treatment of cervical cancer: if the patient has appeared in cancer metastasis or cancer belongs to the patients with late stage, you need to take chemotherapy drug treatment, but due to the side effects of this therapy is bigger, so to combined with the physical condition of the patient's adjustment of drug dosage.

5, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of uterine cervical cancer: Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is more comprehensive and less side effects a treatment method, the patient can consider long-term use in traditional Chinese medicine, but some patients eat traditional Chinese medicine can cause vomiting symptoms, at this time will be used with caution in traditional Chinese medicine.

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