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Beware of obesity induced infertility

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 20,2016, 3:16:17 PM
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With the improvement of living standards, the incidence of overweight and obesity is increasing. Most in the youth development period is a little fat. Obesity is a congenital genetic factors, social environment factors, of course, there are acquired factors, such as unhealthy lifestyle, irregular diet, unreasonable, lack of exercise, etc.. Of course, only in terms of obesity, the body itself is the increase in the content of fat, many people often disagree. But a series of changes in obesity is a no small threat to health. So, what is the relationship between fat and infertility in the end?

First of all to talk about polycystic ovary syndrome, women of childbearing age are common, is due to various causes in vivo hormone metabolic disorders, resulting in abnormal androgen levels, so that the ovary can not be normal ovulation. The main characteristics of the hormone and ovarian polycystic ovary, in vivo androgen levels in the body will be increased, the performance of hair, acne, facial sebum secretion and so on.

Obesity, especially abdominal obesity, is a direct impact on insulin resistance, circulating insulin levels will rise, will have a direct stimulation, promote the action of androgen synthesis and secretion of ovarian.

On the other hand, in addition to the ovary, adrenal gland is also an important place for androgen synthesis, high levels of insulin also directly to the adrenal gland synthesis and secretion of androgen production and promote the role of. Androgen in the ovary can inhibit the development of ovarian follicles, resulting in polycystic ovary and ovulation disorder. The above explanation links between obesity and infertility.

In fact, female infertility is just a consequence of polycystic ovary syndrome, in addition to infertility, long-term ovulation, estrogen levels are too high, but also make the endometrial excessive thickening, there will be the risk of cancer in the future.

Treatment, weight loss is, of course, the first, can effectively reduce insulin resistance and decreased androgen levels, when necessary can be combined to increase insulin sensitivity in drug is expected to alleviate the disease, a healthy baby. If the treatment, menstruation is not regular menstruation, do not afraid of trouble, need under the guidance of a specialist in the medication, the resumption of menstrual cycle.

See here, obesity and a number of charges added, not only have a long-term impact, even in the near future will also cause such serious consequences. So intolerable body fat, "restrain mouth, stride leg of the six word image vividly summarizes the principles of a healthy lifestyle. A female friend, please manage your weight and keep fit is not only related to the image, relating to the beautiful, but also closely related to the generation of plans.

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