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Below is a list of the most commonly seen symptoms of pregnancy

Updated: Sunday, Aug 21,2011, 2:42:09 PM
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Missed period
If your menstrual cycle is regular, you may note a delay in the period for about two weeks in case of unknown pregnancy. This is normally the primary sign of pregnancy.

Sore breasts
The breasts start to change in the first trimester that means in first to 12th week of your pregnancy because your body starts making tissue for generating and storing milk. They may be tenderer than normal and there may be small spots around the nipple area.

In the early stage of pregnancy, your body experience many changes in your energy levels. You will also feel tired later on in your pregnancy as the baby grows. Timely rest is recommended. Anemic women may feel extreme tiredness.

Frequent urination
Due to hormonal changes during the pregnancy, you may experience frequent urination. As the pregnancy grows, urination will be more frequent as the growing tot presses on your bladder. Pregnant women are prone to the urinary tract infectivity. This is because your developing womb and pregnancy hormones may slow down the urine pass out from your body. Thus, it is imperative to drink plenty of liquids. Studies have proven that cranberry juice might help to impede the urinary tract contagion from coming back. The symptoms of urinary tract infection are pain or burning while urinating.

Morning sickness
Pregnant woman feel sick all through the day and sometimes even at night. About three out of four women experience morning sickness. This generally eases off after around 14 weeks. It is advisable to eat small meals and eat them often. Drinking ginger tea or taking ginger biscuits can help to alleviate your symptoms.

Pregnancy hormones cause your muscles to relax; as a result your bowels do not work properly and result in constipation. Add more fibrous food in your diet to avoid constipation.

During pregnancy, the ligaments are softer, which can put a sprain on the pelvis and lower back joints resulting in backache. Bend the knees and keep the back straight while lifting something. Back massage may also be helpful.

Due to the relaxing effect of hormones on the food pipe muscles the acid from your stomach back up into your food pipe, causing heartburn.

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