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4 cases of vaginal discharge is normal physiological phenomenon

Updated: Thursday, Aug 27,2015, 4:58:32 PM
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4 cases of vaginal discharge is normal physiological phenomenon

1, before ovulation period. The effects of estrogen in the female body is the most vulnerable to the female body. Before ovulation, due to elevated levels of estrogen, prompting the body of palace neck gland epithelial cell proliferation, increased the amount of cervical mucus secretion, increased the content of sodium chloride in the mucus, can absorb more moisture makes leucorrhoea grow in quantity, quality dilute, color clear, such as the appearance of the egg proofs, which belongs to the normal phenomenon.

2, when pregnant. Pregnant women, affected by the hormone level will be more thick mucus secretion; in addition, with the swell of the uterus, pelvic and vaginal oppressed, prompting the adjacent vascular dilation, congestion, also caused increased vaginal mucosal transudate, but without requiring treatment.

3, sexual excitement or sexual intercourse. Normal sex life or sexual excitement can stimulate the production of vaginal discharge, resulting in the phenomenon of increased vaginal discharge, is a normal physiological response.

4, after taking estrogen drugs, contraceptives. The change of the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body.

5, stress caused by endocrine disorders. Mental health status of the body has a significant impact on the mental pressure is too large, often resulting in neurological disorders, for women, easy to cause endocrine disorders, and thus lead to increased vaginal discharge. Although the endocrine disorders caused by abnormal vaginal discharge is not required to treat, but the situation of endocrine disorders must be promptly corrected, so as not to cause other more diseases and symptoms.

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