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flavor and Colors in TCM

Updated: Thursday, Jun 25,2009, 4:30:52 PM
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The lung belonging to metal: white and peppery taste enter into lung
Hot into lung, it has function of evaporation, running Qi, promoting blood flow, it can also stimulate gastrointestinal motility, enhance secretion of digestive juice, stimulate circulation of blood and metabolism of organism, and expel wind and remove cold and diaphoresis relieving superficies.

The liver belonging to wood: green and sour enter into liver
Green color has function of regulating balance of body, eliminating tention emotion and sedation, it can help lessen headache, fever, faint and insomnia. Acid foods have function of enhancing liver function, be good for absorbing of calcium and phosphorous such as acetic acid, lactic acid and citric acid.

Spleen pertaining to the earth: yellow and sweat enter into spleen
Yellow color has function of stimulating neural and digestive function and increasing logical thinking. Sweat foods have function of reinforcing heat quantity, nourishing Qi and blood, relieving tiredness, reconciling spleen and stomach and removing toxin.

The heart matches fire: red and bitter enter into heart
Red color has function of increasing secretion of epinephrine and enhancing circulation of blood, promoting nervous system. Bitter foods have function to depriving the evil wetness, heat-clearing and detoxicating, purging pathogenic fire, tonifying kidney and diuresis and invigorating stomach. So doctor advocate that person should eat too much bitter foods such as bitter gourd, tea, coffee, cocoa.

Kidney pertaining to water: black and salty enter into kidney
Salty foods can soften and smooth hard material, regulate cells of human body and penetrate blood and balance salt water metabolism, enhance power of body and appetite. After vomit, diarrhea and sweat, one should drink amount of salt water to prevent deficiency of microelement of body.

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