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Female depression prevention

Updated: Monday, Mar 17,2014, 10:09:40 PM
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Depression is a serious " psychological cold" , the high incidence , but this should be relatively high incidence is 62.9 % of patients with depression never seek medical treatment after . Because there are many people suffering from depression did not perceive themselves had depression , illness and some patients and their families will not be blamed on some important issues , that is the " spur ."

In fact, the incidence of depression when they are perceptible . If a person has depression similar performance , even in other comprehensive hospital for the relevant inspection found no unusual problems , then we must be alert to the possibility of depression , to go to professional psychological and mental health institutions for treatment . As a family or companions , identify problems and timely to remind patients to receive treatment is very important .


The etiology of depression , and now research suggests that the main factors involved in the social and psychological aspects of their quality . In females, psychosocial factors primarily with personal character or personality , social pressures and ways to cope with stress related . Studies have shown that introverted , sensitive, pessimistic, do not like contact, lack of interest in hobbies of people prone to depression ; those unpleasant experiences such as widowhood , divorce, romance, unemployment , loss of health , interpersonal tensions , economic hardship , or lifestyle the possibility of dramatic changes of people suffering from depression greater ; there are a lot of smoking, alcohol , drugs and drug -dependent people are prone to depression .

Of course , the most common cause of depression is the most important reason is the biological factors , such as neuroendocrine hormones , biochemical , and genetic and other factors , the most important neurotransmitters is happy to pass the patient information is reduced. Women are an integral part of all aspects of society , women in multiple roles , so that they have a higher risk of occurrence of depression , in addition to a lot of pressure , they have to face gender discrimination, overwork , menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and other factors. Since these women their own physical and psychological characteristics , resulting in the occurrence probability of depression than men was nearly twice as much.

Women risk of depression in adolescence is the beginning of sustained growth period until after the decline, there is a peak incidence of menopausal women , post- menopausal women to the risk of new-onset depression decreased.


In the treatment of depression , drug treatment is fundamental, psychological counseling is assisted . Because drug treatment recover faster , making more time for patients from suffering. Of course, some psychological treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective treatment for psychological treatment for depression , but these treatments took longer than normally takes six months or even more than half of the treatment, and drug therapy generally requires 1-2 January symptoms will be controlled.

Under the guidance of doctors to help patients develop positive coping strategies are also important , such as helping patients to change cognitive bias thinking , cultivate a positive attitude ; , or to help patients through the little bed , more activities, go for a walk , listen to music , learn to relax , such as changes to the original behavior.

Most symptomatic treatment of depression after the recent treatment effect is quite significant. Of course, the main problem is likely to face recurrence. The impact of depression relapse following reasons : failure to antidepressant medication ; has negative life events after remission ; poor family and social support .


Although the cause of depression is unknown, but there are still a useful preventive measures of depression . For example, appropriate to reduce stress, relax, change negative ways to cope with stress , culture and people of good and effective interpersonal communication is effective for the prevention of depression . Playing , climbing , swimming and other sports, at the same time enhance physical fitness , but also can reduce the symptoms of depression ; in nutrition , fish, whole grains , garlic, brightly colored carrots, oranges, bananas , etc., may be helpful to resist depression .

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